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Philinox Ltd

Philinox Ltd is a private company from Plovdiv, Bulgaria focused in manufacturing products from stainless and special chrome-nickel steels for the households and the industrial factories.  We have experience in crafting boilers, heaters and stainless-steel tanks since 1991. Change the name and the concept of the company in 2001, to its current – Philinox Ltd.

Stainless steel products

What we do:

Our stainless-steel products are mainly used in restaurants, hotels, industrial factories, gas stations, wineries, small companies in the food industry, households, laboratories and more.

Why stainless steel:

Philinox Ltd. is a manufacturer, working with chrome-nickel, inox steel

How we do it:

All our products are made of stainless steel. The most commonly used types of steel are AISI 304/304 L / 316 / 316 L / 316 Ti / S 310 depending on the wishes and the specifics of the product.

Philinox Ltd

Philinox Ltd specializes in the production of:


Special x-mas offers for November and December

For private customers

-3% of the price of all boilers in our price list with a volume of 10 to 200 liters and for distillers with capacity of 100, 120 and 160 liters

Philinox Ltd

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